Genus: Maaqwi McLACHLAN, KAISER, & LONGRICH, 2017
Etymology: Maaqwi is derived from Salish, ma'aqwi, "water bird."

Species: cascadensis McLACHLAN, KAISER, & LONGRICH, 2017
Etymology: In reference to the Cascadia region of western North America.

Holotype: RBCM.EH2008.011.01120

Locality: Northwester shore of Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Horizon: Northumberland Formation.


Age: Upper Campanian Stage, Upper Senonian Subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


RBCM.EH2008.011.01120.001: Right coracoid.

RBCM.EH2008.011.01120.002: partial humerus.

RBCM.EH2008.011.01120.003: Ulna.

RBCM.EH2008.011.01120.004: Radius.