Genus: Protoavis CHATTERJEE, 1991
Etymology: Greek, protos, "first" and Greek, avis, "bird": First Bird.
= Protoavis CHATTERJEE, 1987 (nomen nudum)

Species: texensis CHATTERJEE, 1991
Etymology: In reference to the state Texas, where the specimen was found.

Holotype: TTU P 9200

Locality: Miller Quarry (Post Quarry),(TUPP, DMNH Locality 1160), 2 km due south of Cooper Creek on the R. C. Miller's Ranch, 8 km southeast of Post, Lat. 33°31’17”N, Long. 101°18’54"W, 9 miles southeast of Post Garza County, West Texas.

Horizon: Cooper Canyon Member, Dockum Formation.


Age: Early Norian Epoch, Middle Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull, anterior tip and posterior tip of mandible, atlas, axis, 3 cervical vertebrae, 2 cervical ribs, 5 anterior and 2 posterior dorsal vertebrae, 2 ribs, pelvis, 17 caudal vertebrae, anterior portion of scapula, coracoid, sternum, funicular, humerus missing middle section, ulna, radius, metacarpals I, II, III, phalanges, femur missing middle section, tibia, fibula missing middle section, metatarsals I, II missing posterior end, and III, phalanges.


TTU P 9201: Partial skull and partial post-cranial material of a juvenile.

Referred material:

Locality: Kirkpatrick quarry (33.30 N; 101.08 W), Crosby County, Texas.

Horizon: Colorado City Member, Tecovas Formation, Chinle Group.


Age: Adamanian, Latest Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.


TTU P 9350-9359: Vertebrae.

TTU P 9360: Left coracoid.

TTU P 9361: Sternum.

TTU P 9362, 9363, 9365: Humeri.

TTU P 9364: Right partial jaw.

TTU P 9367, 9368: Radii.

TTU P 9369: Ulna.

TTU P 9370-9373: Femora.

TTU P 9374: Tibia.

TTU P 9375-9380: Phalanges.