Genus: Wasaibpanchi MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: Saraiki language, wasaib, "living culture adn area of Saraiki people (which host fossils)" and Saraiki, panchi, "bird."

Species: damani MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: In reference to the Daman area (foot belt of Koh Sulaiman mountain Range) which osts mostly the Saraiki and Balochi peoples.

Holotype: GSP/MSM-1111-19, GSP/MSM-1112-19, GSP/MSM-1113-19, GSP/MSM-1114-19, GSP/MSM-1115-19, GSP/MSM-1116-19, GSP/MSM-1117-19

Locality: Alam 19 type locality, Barkhan District, Balochistan, Sulaiman or Middle Indus Basin, Central Pakistan.

Horizon: Vitakri Formation, Fort Munro Group.


Age: Uppermost Maastrichtian Stage, latest Senonian Subepoch, Latest Gulf Epoch, Latest Cretaceous.

Material: Teeth.