Genus: Wellnhoferia ELZANOWSKI, 2001
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Peter Wellnhofer, Chief Curator Emeritus, Bayerische Staatssammlung fur Palaontolgoie und historische Geologie, Munch.

Species: grandis ELZANOWSKI, 2001
Etymology: Latin, grandis, "large."
= Archaeopteryx lithographica WELLNHOFER, 1988 (Solnhofen specimen.)


Locality: Exact locality not known, in all probability Altumhul Valley, Bayern (Bavaria) State, Germany.

Horizon: Upper Eichstätt Member, Altmühltal Formation (old Upper Upper Solnhofen Limestone).


Age: Middle Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull missing the middle portion, skeleton lacking most of the cervical vertebrae and some of the humeri and scapula, showing some feather impressions.