Genus: Anabisetia CORIA & CALVO, 2002
Etymology: In honor of the late Ann M. Biset, archaeologist of Direccion General de Cultura de Neuquen, for her important contibution to the provincial fossil legislation.
= Nova CORIA & CURRIE, 1997, CORIA, 1999
= Anabisetia CORIA & CALVO in press in CORIA, 1999 (nomen nudum)

Species: saldiviai CORIA & CALVO, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Roberto Saldivia who found the first remains and kindly helped in the field work.
= Anabisetia saldiviai CORIA & CALVO in press in CORIA, 1999

Holotype: MCF-PVPH-74

Locality: Cerro Bayo Mesa, 30 km south of Plaza Huincul, Neuquen Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Cerro Lisandro Formation, Upper Rio Limay Subgroup, Lower Neuquen Group.
Note: Not Rio Limay Formation, Huincul Member.


Age: Limayan Tetrapoda Assemblage, Cenomanian Stage, Uppermiddle Gallic Subepoch, Lowermost Gulf Epoch, Late Early or Middle Cretaceous-Turonian Stage, Uppermost Gallic Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Early Late Cretaceous.

Material: Portion of left maxilla with one tooth both dentaries, ventral portion of braincase, 4 cervical vertebrae, 4 dorsal neural arches, 4 sacral centra, 2 complete caudal vertebrae, 10 caudal centra, complete left shoulder and fore arm including left manus, almost complete right scapula and coracoid, proximal end of right humerus, almost complete left hind limb, almost complete left pes with metatarsal V but lacking metatarsal I, proximal right metatarsal III and right Metatarsal V.


MCF-PVPH-75: 2 cervical neural arches, 1 cervical centrum, 2 dorsal neural arches, 2 dorsal centra, 1 sacral centrum, 2 caudal neural arches, 6 caudal centra, both scapulae, distal right humerus, proximal right pubis, almost complete right ischium, portion of left ischium, complete left femur, tibia and fibula, proximal and distal right femur, right tibia, fibula and proximal tarsals, complete right pes, complete left metatarsals II and III.

MCF-PVPH-76: 3 sacral centra, 6 caudal centra, 4 fragments of caudal neural arches, complete right scapula, complete left pelvis, fragments of right ilium, both femora, right tibia and fibula, proximal metatarsal II and 1 phalanx.

MCF-PVPH-77: Most of an articulated tail, portion of left scapula and tarsus.

MCF-PVPH-73: Proximal part of a right femur.

MCF-PVPH-165: Proximal and distal tibia.

MCF-PVPH-167: Fragmentary tibia.