Genus: Draconyx MATEUS & TELLES ANTUNES, 2001
Etymology: Latin, draco, "dragon," and Greek, onyx, "claw," in recognition of the claw material.

Species: loureiroi MATEUS & TELLES ANTUNES, 2001
Etymology: In honor of Jao de Loureiro (1717-1791), Portuguese Jesuit, pioneer in Palaeontology in Portugal, also an excellent botanist, astronomer and medical doctor, well-known for his « flora Cochinchinensis » (He spent a large part of his life in Southeast Asia).

Holotype: Museum of Lourinha ML 357

Locality: Vale Frades, Lourinha, Estremadura Province, Western Portugal.

Horizon: “Bombarral” unit.


Age: Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: 2 maxillary teeth, 3 mid-anterior caudal centra, 1 chevon, distal ephphysis of right humerus, 1 manual phalanx, 3 manual ungual phalanges, distal epiphysis of right femur, epiphyses of tibia and fibula, astragalus, calcaneum, 3 tarsals (II-V), 4 metatarsals (I-IV), and pedal phalanges.

Note: ROTATORI, MORENO-AZANZA & MATEUS, 2022 report new material from the type area/specimen; 2 metacarpal distal ends, 1 right carpal phalanx, 3 right unguals.