Genus: Goyocephale PERLE, MARYANSKA, & OSMOLOSKA, 1982
Etymology: Mongolian, Goyo, “decorated, elegant” and Greek, cephale, “head”: “adorned head”.

Species: lattimorei PERLE, MARYANSKA, & OSMOLOSKA, 1982
Etymology: In honor of the eminent American monologist Prof. Oven Lattimore.

Holotype: GI SPS 100/1501

Locality: Boro Knovil, 10 km west of Zamyn (Dzamyn) Khond, Ömnögov (South Gobi), Mongolia.

Horizon: Unnamed unit.


Age: ?Late Santonian or Early Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Skull roof, damaged occiput, fragment of parietals, squamosals, and exoccipitals, basicranial region, basiocciptal with condyle and fragmentary basisphenoid, left postorbital bar, fragments of quadrates and of jugals, premaxillae and maxillae with dentition, mandibles with dentition, atlas intercentrum, 2 spinal processes of dorsals, sacrum with fragments of neural arches, a nearly complete series of 32 caudals centra (7 posterior ones with fragmentary arches preserved, ilia with damaged actabular regions, left humerus, fragmentary left ulna, and radius, fragments of indeterminable phalanges, sterna, distal part of left tibia, proximal part of left (?) fibula, 2 left distal tarsals, proximal and distal parts of left metatarsals II, III, IV, distal end of right metatarsals IV, left pedal digit IV (lacking phalanx IV-4), phalanx IV-2 of right pes, left phalanx II-1, unguals of left pedal digits II and III, numerous caudal tendons, fragments of thoracic ribs and indeterminable skeletal remains.