Genus: Helioceratops JIN, CHEN, ZAN & GODEFROIT, 2009
Etymology: In ancient Greek mythology, Helios was the god of the sun, who drove his golden chariot across the sky from the east to the west every day. He was also the brother of Eos ("the dawn"). The generic name suggests an oriental origin for this neoceratopsian, which is closely related to Auroraceratops.

Species: brachygnathus JIN, CHEN, ZAN & GODEFROIT, 2009
Etymology: Greek, brakhus, "short," and Greek, gnathos, "jaw."

Holotype: JLUM L0204-Y-3

Locality: Liufangzi locality, close to Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, China.

Horizon: Quantou Formation.


Age: Late Early Cretaceous or Early Late Cretaceous.

Material: Right dentary.


JLUM L0204-Y-4: A left maxilla.