Genus: Hualianceratops HAN, FORSTER, CLARK, & XU, 2015
Etymology: Chinese, hualian, "ornamental face," referring to the texture found on most part of the skull, and Latinized Greek, ceratops, "horned face"; a common suffix for horned dinosaurs.

Species: wucaiwanensis HAN, FORSTER, CLARK, & XU, 2015
Etymology: Chinese, wucaiwan, "five color bay," for the area where the specimen was discovered.

Holotype: IVPP V18541

Locality: Wucaiwan locality, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (Sinkang) Province, China.

Horizon: Upper part of the Shishugou Formation.


Age: Oxfordian Stage, Lower Malm Epoch, Early Late Jurassic.

Material: Articulated right maxilla, jugal, postorbital and partial squamosal, articulated right quadrate and partial quadratojugal, articulated left partial jugal, quadratojugal and quadrate, left partial squamosal, most of the mandible, and postcranial fragments, including a nearly complete left pes.