Genus: Kangnasaurus HAUGHTON, 1915
Etymology: In reference to Kangna in the Brak River Valley, “Bushmanland,” Little Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, near where the material was found, and Greek, sauros, “Lizard”: “Kangna lizard”.

Species: coetzeei HAUGHTON, 1915
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Coetzee, the owner of the farm Kangnas, by whom the remains were first brought to Dr Rogers.

Holotype: SAM-2732

Locality: A well on the farm Kangnas, ` a wide shallow valley leading to the Orange River at Henkries'. Koa River Valley, about 7.5 km south of Henkries Mond in the Little Bushmanland, and about 15 km south-west of Goodhouse, Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Horizon: Kalahari Deposits.


Age: Early Cretaceous.

Material: A cheek tooth.

Referred material:

SAM-2731: Right femur.

SAM-2731a: Proximal end of right femur.

SAM-2731b: Distal end of right femur.

SAM-2731c: Distal end of left femur.

SAM-2731d: Proximal end of right femur.

SAM-2731e: Articulated distal left femur and proximal portion of tibia.

SAM-2731f: Four articulated caudal vertebrae.

SAM-2731g: Distal end of left metatarsal.



SAM-2731j: Distal portion of right tibia with articulated tarsus and proximal portion of metatarsus.