Genus: Kazaklambia BELL & BRINK, 2013
Etymology: Previx references Kazakhstan, the country in which the holotype specimen was found and lambia which denotes the affiliation to Lambeosaurinae.

Species: convincens (ROZHDESTVENSKY, 1968) NESOV, 1995
Etymology: Latin, convince, referring to Rozhdestvensky's 1968) conviction that this specimen porved a Cretaceous age for the Dabrazinskaya Svita.
= Procheneosaurus convincens ROZHDESTVENSKY, 1968 (Juvenile)
= Corythosaurus convincens (ROZHDESTVENSKY, 1986) ANONYMOUS, 1982

Holotype: PIN 2230/s

Locality: Syuk-Syuk well site, 45 km north of Tashkent, southeastern Kazakhstan.

Horizon: Dabrazinskaya Svita (Formation).


Age: Santonian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Anterior part of a skull and nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile.