Gens: Macrogryphosaurus CALVO, PORFIRI & NOVAS, 2007
Etymology: Greek, macro, "big," Greek, grypho, "enigmatic," and Greek, sauros, "lizard."
= Genus: Nova CALVO, PORFIRI & NOVAS, 2005

Species: gondwanicus CALVO, PORFIRI & NOVAS, 2007
Etymology: In reference to Gondwana continent.

Holotype: MUCPv-321

Locality: 60 km NW from Neuquen city, on the west coast of the Mari Menuco lake, Neuquen Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Portezuelo Formation.


Age: Coniacian Stage, Lower Senonian Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Articulated cervical and dorsal series, 8 post-axial cervicals, 14 dorsals, 6 sacrals, and 16 caudal vertebrae, cervical and dorsal ribs, ilia, pubes, Ischia, 1 sternum, 4 thoracic plates and ossified tendons.