Genus: Manidens POL, RAUHUT & BECERRA, 2011
Etymology: Latin, manus, "hand," and Latin, dens, "tooth"; referring to the similarity of the posteriormost tooth to the human hand.

Species: condorensis POL, RAUHUT & BECERRA, 2011
Etymology: In reference to the nearby village of Cerro Condor, Chubut Province, Argentina.

Holotype: MPEF-PV 3211

Locality: Queso Rallado locality, 2.3 km west of the village of Cero Condor, Chubut Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Canadon Asfalto Formation.


Age: Aalenian-Bathonian Stage, Lower Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull and lower jaws, cervical, dorsal and sacral vertebrae, left scapula, left coracoids and almost complete pelvic girdles.

Referred material:

MPEV-PV 1719, 1786, 1718, 3810 3811: Isolated posetrior teeth.