Genus: Medusaceratops RYAN, RUSSELL & HARTMAN, 2010
Etymology: In reference to Medusa (mythological Greek figure) and Latinized Greek, ceratops, "horned-face": Medusa was a monster in Greek mythology with 'hair' comprised of snakes and a gaze that would turn men to stone. The allusion refers to the large, thick snake-like spines that extend from the lateral margins of the posterior portion of the parietal.

Species: lokii RYAN, RUSSELL & HARTMAN, 2010
Etymology: Loke (mythological Norse figure). Loki was a Norse god who contrived mischief for his fellow gods, the name thus alluding to the confusion experenced in tyring to assign taxonomic designations to the material collected form the bonebed.

Holotype: WDC-DJR-001

Locality: Along the west side of Kennedy Coulee bordering the Milk River, near Havre, Hill County, Montana.

Horizon: Equivalent to the Lowermost Oldman Formation, middle Judith River Group.


Age: Judith Age, Middle Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: A partial parietal.

Paratype: WDC-DJR-002: A partial parietal.

A) Holotype: WDC-DJR-001; B) Paratype: WDC-DJR-002; C) referred: RTMP 2002.03.38.

Top: Reconstruction of the type; Bottom, reconstruction of the paratype.

Referred material:

Bone bed.

RTMP 2002: Left squamosal.

RTMP 2002.03.28: Right parietal ramus.

RTMP 2002.3.30: Left squamosal.

RTMP 2002.3.31: Left nasal.

RTMP 2002.3.32: Left nasal.

RTMP 2002.3.33: Left jugal.

RTMP 2002.3.34: Right quadrate.

RTMP 2002.3.35: Partial skull roof.

RTMP 2002.3.36: Left postorbital horncore.

RTMP 2002.3.37: Right nasal.

RTMP 2002.3.38: Partial ramus.

RTMP 2002.69.01: Braincase.

RTMP 2002.69.02: Left squamosal.

RTMP 2002.69.03: Right squamosal.

RTMP 2002.69.04: Left squamosal.

RTMP 2002.69.5: Right parietla and lateral ramus.

RTMP 2992.69.06: Left parietal and posterior ramus.

RTMP 2002.69.7: Parietal? Lateral ramus?

RMTP 2002.69.8: Right edntary.

RTMP 2002.69.9: Left premaxilla.

RTMP 2002.69.10: Right juvenile-sized postorbital horncore.

RTMP 2002.69.11: Right? nasal.

RTMP 2992.28-38: Casts.

FDMJ-V-10: Some material from the bone bed has been incorperated into a "Chasmosaurus sp" skeleton.

Privately owned skull (Sweeny skull): Skull.

WDC 1256: Partial skull.

Canada Fossils: 300 individual elements.


ROM 73830: Right dentary.

ROM 73831: Left subprorbital complex.

ROM 73832: Left parietla, medline and posterior ramus.

ROM 73833: Right squamosal.

ROM 73734: Right postorbitla.

ROM 73735: Left maxilla.

ROM 73836: Right parietal, left ramus.

ROM 73837: Left parietla, posterior ramus.

ROM 76724: Left parietal, posterior and lateral ramus.

ROM 76725: Left squamosal.

ROM 77204: Right angular.

ROM 77205: Left squamosal.

ROM 77206: Left premaxilla.

ROM 77207: Left squamosal.

ROM 77208: Left quadratojual.

ROM 77209: Right postorbital.

ROM 77210: Rostral.

ROM 77211: Left jugal.

ROM 77212: Right surangular and articular.

ROM 77213: Right jugal.

ROM 77214: Right parietal, lateral ramus.

ROM 77215: Left? sternum.

ROM 77216: Left dentary and coronoid process.

ROM 77217: Left squamosal

ROM 77218: Left postorbital.

WDC-DJR-003: Right supraorbital complete (lacrymals, palpebrals, postortitals, and frontals).

WDC-DJR-004: Ilium.

WDC-DJR-005: Parietal.

WDC-DJR-006: Left premaxilla.

WDC-DJR-007: Left metatarsal.

WDC-DJR-008: Braincase.

WDC-DJR-009: Left jugal.

WDC-DJR-010: Right nasal, lacrymal, palpebral and postorbital.

WDC-DJR-011: Right quadrate.

WDC-DJR-012: Rostral.

WDC-DJR-013: : Left premaxilla.

WDC-DJR-014, 015, 016: Right nasals.

WDC-DJR-017: Left squamosal.

WDC-DJR-018: Left maxilla.

WDC-DJR-019: Left dentary.

WDC-DJR-020: Right dentary.

WDC-DJR-1000: Composite skeleton with numerous actual postcranial specimens.