Genus: Muttaburrasaurus BARTHOLOMAI & MOLNAR, 1981
Etymology: Derived from Muttaburra, the name of the township in central Queensland State, Australia, near the type locality, and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Muttaburra lizard”.

Species: langdoni BARTHOLOMAI & MOLNAR, 1981
Etymology: In honor of Mr. D. Langdon, of Muttaburra, who discovered the specimen and reported it to the Queensland Museum.

Holotype: QM F6140

Locality: The banks of the Rock Hole, Thomson River, on "Rosebery Downs" Station, approximately 4 1/2 km southeast of Muttaburra, at M.R. 242175 Muttaburra 4 mile series (approximately M.R. 245165 on the Muttaburra 1"2500000 series), central Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Mackunda Formation.


Age: Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Referred material:

QM F6095: Phalanges.