Genus: Notoceratops TAPIA, 1918 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: Greek, noto, “south” and Greek, ceratops, “horn face”: “southern horn face”.

Species: bonarellii TAPIA, 1918 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: In honor of Guido Bonarelli.
= Notoceratops bonarelli TAPIA, 1918 (nomen dubium)

Holotype: Direccion General de Minas de Buenos Aires. Transfered to the Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina, Unnumbered.

Locality: North of the outlet of Chico River, in the southeast angle of lake Colhue-Huapi, near del Rio Chico, Chubut Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Pehunche Formation, (Laguna Palacios Formation, BONAPARTE, 1996).


Age: Maastrichtian, Latest Senonian Subepoch, Latest Gulf Epoch, Latest Triassic.

Material: Incomplete left dentary.