Genus: Penelopognathus GODEFROIT, HONG & CHANG-YONG, 2005
Etymology: Greek, penelops, "wild duck"; Penelope is also the name of Odysseus' wife, forced to fend off sutiros while hier husband is away fighting at troy; Greek, gnathos, "jaw."

Species: weishampeli GODEFROIT, HONG & CHANG-YONG, 2005
Etymology: In honor of Dr. D. B. Weishampel, for his important contribution in the knowledge of duck-billed dinosaurs.

Holotype: IMM 2002-BYGB-1

Locality: Vicinity of Qiriga village, Urad Houqi Banner, Bayan Nor League, Inner Mongolia, China.

Horizon: Bayan Gobi Formation.


Age: Albian Stage, Early Gallic Subepoch, Early Cretaceous Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.

Material: A right dentary.