Genus: Phyllodon THULBORN, 1973 (nomen dubium in SUES & NORMAN, 1990)
Etymology: Greek, phyllon “leaf” and Greek, odon, “teeth”, Leaf tooth.

Species: henkeli THULBORN, 1973
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Siegfried Henkel (1931-1984), paleontologist at Frier Universitat Berlin.

Holotype: G 5

Locality: Guimarota lignite mine (Mina de Lignito Guimarota), 1.5 km SSE of Leiria, Leiria District, Portugal.

Horizon: Unnamed unit.


Age: Early Kimmeridgian Stage, Middle Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: A single cheek tooth crown.

Left; Type tooth; Right paratype tooth.

Paratype: G 2: A single premaxillary tooth crown.

Referred material:

54 teeth or parts of teeth.

Top left, lingual view of a crown from the posterior part of the left premaxilla; Top middle, lingual view of a crown from the middle part of the right premaxilla; Right, buccal and mesial or distal view of a cheek tooth; Lower left, buccal view of a worn cheek crown.


Gui Or 10: Lateral tooth.

Gui Or 13: Dentary tooth.

Gui Or 24: Premaxillary tooth.

RAUHUT, 2001

IPFUB Gui Or 7-9, 11-12, 14-23, 25-50: 124 teeth.

IPFUB Gui Or 1-4: 4 fragmentary dentaries.