Genus: Prenoceratops CHINNERY, 2004
Etymology: Greek, preno, "sloping" and Greek, ceratops, "horn-face." The generic names referes to the collection of facial features that distinguish this genus and provide it with a long, low head shape.

Species: pieganensis CHINNERY, 2004
Etymology: The species name pieganensis honors the Piegan tribe of the Blackfeet Indian Nation that resides in Montana, where the specimens were discovered (also known as Piikani).

Holotype: TCM 2003.1.1

Locality: Privately owned and deeded land of the Blackfeet Reservation, Pondera County, Montana.

Horizon: The bone bed is located approximately 50 meters below the Bearpaw/Two Medicine contact in the Two Medicine Formation.


Age: Judithian age, Campanian Stage, Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Surangular fused with angular.

Referred material:

Mokpo Natural History and Culture Museum, Mokop, Korea (MNHCM unnumbered) and TCM 2001.96.4: Diassociated partial skeletons of at least four individuals found together in bone-bed deposition.