Genus: Qantassaurus RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1999
Etymology: “Qantas”, in honor of QANTAS Airlines for their long term support of dinosaur research and exhibitions, and Greek, sauros, "lizard": Qantas lizard.

Species: intrepidus RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1999
Etymology: Latin, intrepidus, “unshaken, undaunted, brave, bold.”

Holotype: NMV P199075

Locality: Flat Rocks fossil vertebrate site, 38°39’40+-02”S, 145°40’52+-03”E (World Geodetic Standard, 1984) on the shore platform of the Bunurong Marine Park, Victoria State, Australia.

Horizon: Wonthaggi Formation, Strzelecki Group.


Age: Early Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Late Early Cretaceous.

Material: Complete left dentary with all alveolar sockets preserved, at least one tooth present in 7 of the 10 alveolar positions.

Referred material:

NMV P198962: Complete left dentary with all alveolar sockets preserved and 4 teeth present.

Note: 'Victorian ornithopodan dentary morphotype 2 (VOD2) (HERNE, NAIR, EVANS & TAIT, 2019

NMV P199087: Fragment of right dentary missing the symphysial region and much of the mandible posterior to the most posterior alveolus.