Genus: Sahaliyania GODEFROIT, HAI, YU & LAUTERS, 2008
Etymology: "Sahaliyan" means black in Manchu language and refers to Amur/Heilongjiang River (Sahaliyan Ula).

Species: elunchunorum GODEFROIT, HAI, YU & LAUTERS, 2008
Etymology: The Elunchun nationality is one of the smallest Chines minorities. These hunters lived for generations in the Wulaga area.

Holotype: GMH W453

Locality: Wulaga, Heilongjiang Province, N 48°23'40.9", E 130°08'44.6", Manchuria, China.

Horizon: Yuliangze Formation.

Biostratrigraphy: Wodehouseia spinata-Aquilapollenties subtillis Palynozone.

Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Uppermost Senonian Subepoch, Uppermost Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: A partial skull.

Referred material:

GMH WJ1, WJ4, W23, W45, W51, W103, W173, W228, W243-A, W273, W301, W311, W359, W370, W421: Ilia.

GMH W1, W21, W31, W52, W148, W182, W202, W210, W214, W222, W272, W284, W286, W291, W309, W360, W373, W387, W392, W394, W400-1, W400-6, W422, W463, W473: Scapulae.

GMH W10, W13, W50-6, W51, W136-A, W146, W171, W177, W179, W180, W197, W233-B, W255, W270, W291, W310, W375, W400-13, W404, W415-A, W415-B, W171, W177, W179, W180, W197, W233, W270, W291, W310, W375, W379, W400-13, W404, W415-A, W415-B, W471: Pubes.

GMH W15, W42, W58, W59, W110, W116, W154, W158, W168, W192-A, W192-B, W201, W232, W240, W250, W271, W303, W317, W344, W367, W392, W402, W410, W411, W413-A: humeri.

GMH W 31, W271, W342, W367, W394, W404, W476: Maxillae.

GMH W33, W50-1, W105, W140, W153, W201, W227, W228, W290, W298, W324-A, W393, W418, W419-A, W424, W451, W457, W461, W465, W466, W501: Dentaries.

GMH W165, W246, W406-A: Sternals.

GMH V200-A, W281, W400-5, 424, W unnumbered: Jugals.

GMH W453: Braincase.