Genus: Serendipaceratops RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 2003
Etymology: Serendip, a fortuitous chance event as in the discovery of the holotype and species S. arthurcclarkei at a site that yielded only half a dozen individual fossil bones and bone figments on a continent where the Neoceratopsia were previously unknown, and Greek, keratos, "horn."
= Genus: Nova, RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1993, 1997
= Ceratopidae incertae sedis RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1994

Species: arthurcclarkei RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 2003
Etymology: From Sarandib, the name given to Sri Lanka, the home of Sir Arthur C. Clarke, by Muslem traders (Clarke, 1979).

Holotype: NMV P186385

Locality: ‘The Arch’, on a shore platform near the village of Kilcunda, 38°32’54”S, 145°27’29”E, Victoria State, Strzelecki ranges, South Australia.

Horizon: Wonthaggi Formation, Strzelecki Group.


Age: Early Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Ulna.