Genus: Sierraceratops DALMA, LUCAS, JASINSKI & LONGRICH, 2021
Etymology: In reference to Sierra County in south-central New Meico and Greek, ceratops, "horn-face."

Species: turneri DALMA, LUCAS, JASINSKI & LONGRICH, 2021
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Ted Turner, a philanthropist, the founder of teh Cable News Network (CNN), and the landower on whose land the holotype specimen was collected.
= Chasmosaurinae incertae sedis WILLIAMSON & LUCAS, 1996

Holotype: NMMNH P-76870

Locality: NMMNH Locality 3650, Armendaris Ranch, Sierra County, New Mexico.

Horizon: Hall Lake Formation, McRae Group.


Age: Latest Campanian-Maastrichtian Stage, Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Premaxilla, jugal, epijugal, quadratojugal, quadrate, pterygoid, postorbital horncore, partial, squamosal,denatry, a cervical centrum and separate cervical vertebra, 2 dorsal vertebrae, sacral vertebral, 2 dorsal ribs, scapulocoracoid, ulna, ilium, ischial peduncle, and an ungual manual phalanx.

Note: Triceratops sp from the McRae Formation may actually belong to Torosaurus but was later moved to Chasmosauridae incertae sedis in SULLIVAN, BOERE, & LUCAS, 2005