Genus: Wannanosaurus HOU, 1977
Etymology: Chinese, Wan, a name for Anhui Province, Chinese, nan, “south” and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: “southern Anhui lizard”.
= Wannannosaurus DONG, 1987 (sic)
= Wannonosaurus DONG, 1978 (sic)

Species: yansiensis HOU, 1977
Etymology: In reference to Yansi, Anhui Province, China.

Holotype: IVPP V 4447

Locality: Yansi, Jingxian, 29°58.N, 118°28'E, She-Xian Basin of southern Anhui Province, China.

Horizon: Xiaoyan Formation.


Age: Campanian, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Left postorbital, squamosal and jugal, an articulated portion of the right posterior skull roof including the right frontal, posterior supraorbital, postorbital, squamosal, and paroccipital process, with fragments of the parietal, supraoccipital and right ?laterosphenoid and quadrate, left dentary, coronoid, angular, and surangular, anterior cervical, right humerus, partial femora, right tibia, and ilium.

Wannanosaurus yansiensis (modified from BUTLER & ZHAO, 2009) Holotype: IVPP V 4447

Paratype: IVPP V 4447.1: Caudal vertebra, fragment of ilium, femora, left tibia and fibula, 6 caudal vertebra, and a partial right pes.