Genus: Wendiceratops EVANS & RYAN, 2015
Etymology: In honor of Wendy Sloboda, who discovered the type locality, and Greek, ceratops, "horned-face"; a common sufix for honred dinosaur genera names.

Species: pinhornensis EVANS & RYAN, 2015
Etymology: In reference to the Pinhorn Provincal Grazing Reserve, in Alberta, Canada, where the type locality is located.

Holotype: RTMP 2011.051.0009

Locality: The type locality occurs within the boundaries of the Pinhorn Provincial Grazing Reserve, south of Milk River, Forty Mile No. 8 County, Alberta Province, Canada.

Horizon: 1- m above the top of the Taber Coal Zone, Oldman Formation, Judith River Group.


Age: Judithian age, Campanian Stage, Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: An incomplete parietal lacking the midline bar and left ramus.

Referred material:

RTMP 2011.051.0002: Squamosal fragment.

RTMP 2011.051.0010: Right squamosal.

RTMP 2011.061.0019: Subadult lateral parietal bar.

RTMP 2013.020.0016: Incomplete jugal.

RTMP 2013.020.0035: Nasal fragment.

RTMP 2013.020.0035: Incomplete pathological squamsal.

RTMP 2014.029.0074: Right maxilla.

RTMP 2013.020.0048: Parietal, and posterior midline bar.

RTMP 2014.029.00097: Parietal fragment.

RTMP 2014.029.0016. Parietal fragment.