Genus: Wulagasaurus GODEFROIT, HAI, YU & LAUTERS, 2008
Etymology: In reference to the Wulaga, Manchuria, China, type locality and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: dongi GODEFROIT, HAI, YU & LAUTERS, 2008
Etymology: In honor of Dong Zhi-Ming, one of the most famous dinosaur specialists, for his fundamental contribution to the knowledge of dinosaurs in China.

Holotype: GMH W184

Locality: Wulaga, Western hill adjacent to the grain depot of Wulaga Town, Heilongjiang Province, N 48°23'40.9", E 130°08'44.6", Manchuria, China.

Horizon: Yuliangze Formation.

Biostratrigraphy: Wodehouseia spinata-Aquilapollenties subtillis Palynozone.

Age: Lower Maastrichtian Stage, Uppermost Senonian Subepoch, Uppermost Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Right dentary.

Wulagasaurus dongi (modified from GODEFROIT, HAI, YU & LAUTERS, 2008), composite.


GMH W166: Jugal.

GMH W194: Sternal.

GMH W217: Dentary.

GMH W320: Humerus.

GMH W398-A: Ischium.

Referred material:

GMH WJ1, W384, W421: Braincases.

GMH W401: Sternals.

GMH W233, W400-10: Maxillae.

GMH W267: Scapula.

GMH W515-B: Humerus.


GMH W58, W411: Humeri.

GMH W286, W392: Scapulae.

GMH V194, W385: Coracoids.

GMH W394: Quadrate.

GMH W359: Ilium.

GMH W362: Ischium.

GMH W50-2, W212: Fibulae.

GMH W458: Sternal.