Genus: Xuwulong YOU, LI, & LIU, 2011
Etymology: "Xu-wu" is the courtesy name (a tradition in China to have another name when a person grows into an adult in order to avoid his/her given name to be called by younger persons) of Professor Wang Yue-lun (1903-1981), a pioneer geologist devoted to the geological survey in Gansu Province. In 1943, he established Gansu geological exhibition room, the precursor of the Gansu Geological Museum, which reopened in 2010 with new exhibits of Gansu Dinosaurs.

Species: yueluni YOU, LI, & LIU, 2011
Etymology: "Yue-lun" is given name of Professor Wang Yuelun (1903-1981).

Holotype: GSGM-F00001 (field number: GSJB06-17-04)

Locality: Yujingzi Basin, Jinta County, Jiuquan Area, Gansu Province, China.

Horizon: Xinminpu Group.


Age: Late Aptian-Early Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Skull, lower jaw axial skeleton lacking only the distal caudals, left pelvic girdle, and bundles of ossified expaxial tendons.