Gen. sp. indet.

GALTON, 2008 (2007)

Locality: Fissure fill in Quarry Steps Quarry off Upper Belgrave Road in Clifton, Bristol, ST 572747, Bristol County, England, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Rhaetian Stage, Latest Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.


Number not given, BRSMG/BCM (Riley & Stutchbury, 1840): Manus ungula.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7450/61: Partial left ilium.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7454/87: Manual ungula phalanx II.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7460/57: Left ilum.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7464/118: Right humerus.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7482/80: Robust metacarpal II and two pieces of bone (left III with parts of II and IV).

BRSMG/BCM Ca7483/82: Robust Metacarpal III.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7490/71: Right femur lacking proximal ends.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7492/69I: Left femur lacking proximal ends.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7493/70: Distal left femur.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7498/83: Right metatarsal II.

BRSMG/BCM Ca7506/60: Partial right ilium.

BRSMG/BCM Ca4174c/47: Robust metacarpal II.

BRSMG/BCM Cb4187/84: Manual ungual phalanx II.

BRSMG/BCM Cb4189/78: Proximal left humerus.
Note: Proximal tibia of Benton, et al, (2000).

BRSMG/BCM Cb4243: Robust right humerus lacking distal end.
Note: Parital femur of Benton et al, (2000).

ANSP 9856: Robust right metatarsal III with damaged ends.

ANSP 9860: Robust right metatarsal III lacking distal end.
Note: ?Ulna of Benton, et al, (2000)

ANSP 9864: Robust metacarpal II.

ANSP 9875: Robust metacarpal II.
Note: Caudal vertebra of Benton et al, (2000).

BGS 90792: Left manual ungual phalanx digit I.

YPM 56724: Left humerus.


YPM 2182: Braincase.