Genus: Antetonitrus YATES & KITCHING, 2003
Etymology: Latin, ante, "before" and Latin, tonitrus, "thunder": refers to the early occurrence of this sauropod relatie to Brontosaurus (Greek, thunder lizard) on of the most familiar sauropod names.

Species: ingenipes YATES & KITCHING, 2003
Etymology: Latin, ingens, "massive" and Latin, pes,"‘paw or foot" and referes to its robust hands and feet.

Holotype: BP/1/4952

Locality: In the saddle between the farms Welbedacht 611 and Edelweiss 698, 29°06’24”S, 27°19’10E, Ladybrand District, Free (Orange Free) State, South Africa.

Horizon: Lower Elliot Formation, ‘Stormberg group’.


Age: Norian Substage, Early Norian Epoch, Middle Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Cervical centrum, 4 dorsal vertebrae, sacral vertebra, caudal vertebrae, dorsal ribs, chevron scapulae, right humerus, both ulnae, left radius, left metacarpal I, both metacarpals ii, left manual phalanx I1, 2 ?manual unguals, left pubis, left femur, left tibia, left fibula, left metatarsals I, right metatarsal II, left metatarsal III, right metatarsal V, 2 pedal phalanges, right pedal ungual I and right pedal ungual ?III.

Referred material:

Number: Not given: A right scapula, right humerus, left ulna, left fibula, and a right metatarsal II.