Genus: Arcusaurus YATES, BONNAN & NEVELING, 2011
Etymology: Latin, arcus, "rainbow" and Greek, sauros, "lizard," gender masculine; in honor of the people of South Africa, the 'rainbow nation'.
= Genus: Nova YATES, BONNAN, & NEVELING, 2010

Species: pereirabdalorum YATES, BONNAN & NEVELING, 2011
Etymology: In honor of Lucille Pereira and Fernando Abdala, who discovered most of the bones of this taxon.

Holotype: BP/1/6235

Locality: Sauropod Quarry, Spion Kop 932, S28°28.002', E027°49.523', Senekal District, Free State, South Africa.

Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation.


Age: Possibly Pliensbachian Stage, Lias Epoch, Early Jurassic.

Material: A disarticulated right side of skull; postorbital, nasal, cornoid (supradentary), dentary, palatine, and loose maxillary teeth, and a distal cuadal vertebra.

Arcusaurus pereirabdalorum (after YATES, BONNAN & NEVELING, 2011), Holotype: BP/1/6235.

Referred material:

BP/1/6842, 6843: Isolated teeth.

BP/1/6853: Incomplete left dentary.

BP/1/6844: Right nasal.

BP/1/6845: Left premaxilla.

BP/1/6846: Right non-terminal pedal phalanx, probably IV-1.

BP/1/6847: Sectioned non-terminal pedal phalanx.

BP/1/6848: Ungual of right pedal digit I.

BP/1/6849: Ungual of left pedal digit III.

BP/1/6850: Distal end of a right humerus.

BP/1/6851: Sacral centrum.

BP/1/6925: Right laterosponoid.

BP/1/6926: Fragment from the ischidaic peduncle of a left ilium.