Genus: Astrophocaudia D’EMIC, 2013
Etymology: Greek, A-, non-, Greek, stropho, "twisting or turning" and Greek, caud-, "tail": in refernece to the tightly articulating hyposphene-hypatrum system in the anterior and middle caudal vertebrae, which also resembles a star (astron, Greek) in posterior view.

Species: slaughteri D’EMIC, 2013
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Robert H. Slaughter, who excaved the specimen in the 1960s.
= Pleurocoelus sp LANGSTON, 1974

Holotype: SMU 61732, 203/3655

Locality: Walnut Creek, southeast of Decatur, 33°09'N, 97°34'W, Wise County, Texas.

Horizon: Paluxy Church Formation, Trinity Group.


Age: Comanchean, Lower Cashenranchian age, Early to Middle Albian Stage, Middle Gallic subepoch, upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.


SMU 61732: Some badly preserved cervical (2) and dorsal vertebrae (fragments), and 24 caudals, a haemopophysis, approximately 20 fragmenary dorsal ribs, 2 chevrons, part of a right ilium, numerous fragments, and the distal end of a scapula.

SMU 203/73655: Tooth.