Genus: Asylosaurus GALTON, 2008 (for 2007)
Etymology: Greek, asylos, "unharmed, safe from violence or asylon, refuge, sanctuary" and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: yalensis GALTON, 2008 (for 2007)
Etymology: In reference to Yale College (now University); where O. C. Marsh took specimen so it was unharmed in air raids on BCM in November, 1940.

Holotype: YPM 2195

Locality: Fissure fill in Quarry Steps Quarry off Upper Belgrave Road in Clifton, Bristol, ST 572747, Bristol County, England, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Rhaetian Stage, Latest Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: An associated partial skeleton consisting of dorsal vertebrae, ribs, and gastralia, pectoral girdle, right and proximal left humeri, articulated left forearm (radius very incomplete) and manus.

Also YPM 2195a-g: Disarticulated bones on block tentatively referred to holotype individual (or species from femora), viz., vertebrae, cervical ~4 or 5, caudals ~10 and ~15, proximal medial part of right ulna, distal left ischium, 2 distal femora, larger right and smaller left, distal right tibia.


BMNH R1542: Proximal left humerus lacking head.

YPM 56745: Right manual phalanx I of digit I.

YPM 57625: Distal left ischium.

YPM 57626: Distal left ischium.

YPM 57639: Distal left ischium.