Genus: Brohisaurus MALKANI, 2003 (nomen nudum)
Etymology: Brohi is derived from the Brohi tribe of the area, Baluchistan, Pakistan and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: kirthari MALKANI, 2003 (nomen nudum)
Etymology: In reference to the Kirthar range, Baluchistan, Pakastan, which is the host of Jurassic dinosaurs.

Holotype: MSM-86-K, MSM-87-K, MSM-88-K, MSM-89-K, MSM-90-K, MSM-91-K, MSM-92-K, MSM-93-K, MSM-94-K, MSM-96-K, MSM-97-K, MSM-98-K, MSM-101-K, MSM-102-K, MSM-103-K, MSM-104-K, MSM-105-K, MSM-106-K,

Locality: Sun Chakko Locality, Karkh area, Khuzdar District, Kirthar foldbelt, Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Horizon: Lowest clay/shale horizon of Sembar Formation, just at and near the contact of the Zidi/Chiltan limestone and Sembar Formation.


Age: Kimmeridgian Stage, uppermost Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Femoral, ribs, metatarsals and metacarpals cross sections, broken neural arch laminae/neural spine and proximal fibula.

Referred material:

MSM-95-K: One broken pice of neaura arch limanae.