Genus: Brontomerus TAYLOR, WEDEL & CIFELLI, 2011
Etymology: Greek, bronto, "thunder," and Greek, meros, "thigh": thunder thighs, in reference to the substantial femoral musculature implied by the implied by the morphology of the ilium.

Species: mcintoshi TAYLOR, WEDEL & CIFELLI, 2011
Etymology: In honor of the veteran sauropod worker John S. McIntosh, who seminal paleontological work, done mostly unfunded and on his own time, has been an insperation to all of us who follow.

Holotype: OMNH 66430

Locality: Hotel Mesa Quarry (OMNH Locality V857, Grand County, Eastern Utah.

Horizon: Top of the Ruby Ranch Member, Cedar Mountain Formation.


Age: Cashenranchian age, Aptian-Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary left ilium.

Referred material:

OMNH 66429: Crushed presacral centrum.

OMNH 61248: Mid-to-posterior caudal vertebra.

OMNH 27794: Partial distal caudal centrum.

OMNH 27766: Anterior right dorsal rib.

OMNH 27761: Nearly comlpete left scapula missing anterior portion.

OMNH 66431, 66432: 2 partial sternal plates.