Genus: Bustingorrytitan SIMON & SALGADO, 2023
Etymology: In gratitude to Maneul Bustingorry, owner of the land in the surroundings of Villa El Chochon where the remains were found, and for his suppport during the excaution of the fieldworks, and Greek, titan, "giant god", for the gitantism achieved by this species.

Species: shiva SIMON & SALGADO, 2023
Etymology: In honor of the supreme deity of Shivaism, branch of Hindusim, who destroys and transforms the Uiverse, in allusion to the faunal turnover that occured in teh middle of teh CVretaceous perios, towards the Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary.

Holotype: MMCH-Pv 59/1-40

Locality: Bustingorry II site, S 39 °12'30" W 68°48'53", Neuquen Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Huincul Formaiton, Neuquen Group.


Age: Upper Cenomanian Stage, Late Gallic Subepoch, Early Gulf Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.

Material: partidal skeleton, breakdown as follows:

MMCH-PV 59/1: Right dentary.

MMCH-PV 59/2: Tooth fragment.

MMCH-PV 59/3: Sixth? or seventh? dorsal vertebra.

MMCH-PV 59/4, 5: 2 anterior caudal vertebrae.

MMCH-PV 59/6: Mid caudal vertebra.

MMCH-PV 59/7: Mid-posterior caudal vertebra.

MMCH-PV 59/8, 9: 2 haemal arches.

MMCH-PV 59/10, 11: Right and left scapulae.

MMCH-PV 59/12, 13: Right and left coracoids.

MMCH-PV 59/14, 15: Right and left sternals.

MMCH-PV 59/16: Left ilium.

MMCH-PV 59/17, 18: Right and left pubic peduncles of the ilium.

MMCH-PV 59/19: Right pubis.

MMCH-PV 59/20, 21: Right and left humeri.

MMCH-PV 59/22: Right radius.

MMCH-PV 59/23, 24: Right and left ulnae.

MMCH-PV 59/25: Metacarpal I.

MMCH-PV 59/26: Metacarpal II.

MMCH-PV 59/27: Metacarpal III.

MMCH-PV 59/28: Metacarpal IV.

MMCH-PV 59/29: Metacarpal V.

MMCH-PV 59/30: Right femur.

MMCH-PV 59/31: Right tibia.

MMCH-PV 59/32, 33: Right and left fibulae.

MMCH-PV 59/34: Left astragalus.

MMCH-PV 59/35: Metatarsal I.

MMCH-PV 59/36: Metatarsal IV?

MMCH-PV 59/37: Metatarsal V.

MMCH-PV 59/38, 39, 40: 3 right ungual phalanges I, II, III.

Referred material:

MMCH-PV60/1-6: Partial skelton of a smaller individual than the holotype.

MMCH-PV60/1: Mid to posterior cervial vertebra.

MMCH-PV60/2: Posterior caudal vertebra.

MMCH-PV60/3: Right ulna.

MMCH-PV60/4: Metacarpal III

MMCH-PV60/5: Right femur.

MMCH-PV60/6: Left tibia.