Genus: Dystrophaeus COPE, 1877 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: Greek, dys-, “bad, difficult”, and Greek, stropheus, “ joint, hinge, vertebra”: “Coarse joint”.
= Dystrpheus OWEN, 1878 (sic)
= Dystrophoeus SAUVAGE, 1883 (sic)

Species: viaemalae COPE, 1877
Etymology: Viaemala, of the bad trail ""This fossil...was derived from an inhospitable region rearly traversed by white men"].

Holotype: USNM 2364

Locality: Painted Canyon, Lat. 38'15"N, Long. 110'W, Sierra Abajo, Moab Area, San Juan County, Southeast Utah.

Horizon: Lowest Morrison Formation, Bottom of the Tidwell Member, or Bottom of the Tidwell Member of the Bluff Sandstone Formation, or Windy Hill Member.


Age: Callovian Stage, Upper Dogger Epoch, Late Middle Jurassic.

Material: Right ulna right pubis, proximal end of radius and metacarpal III, IV, V.