Genus: Eomamenchisaurus LU, LI, ZHONG, JI & LI, 2008
Etymology: Greek, eo,"begining," + Mamenchisaurus; Eomamenchisaurus means an early mamenchisaurid dinosaur.

Species: yuanmouensis LU, LI, ZHONG, JI & LI, 2008
Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the Chinese administrative unit Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province, where the type locality is located.

Holotype: CZMVZA 165

Locality: Banqing Houshanliangzi, Jiangyi, Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province, China.

Horizon: Zhange Formation.


Age: Middle Jurassic.

Material: 8 dorsal vertebrae, a partial sacrum, right ilium, right pubis, 2 incomplete ischia, right tibia and femora.