Genus: Europasaurus SANDER, MATEUS, LAVEN & KNÖTSCHKE, 2006
Etymology: In reference to Europe, and Greek, sauros, "lizard": For reptile from Europe.
= Genus: Nova MATEUS, LAVEN & KNÖTSCHKE, 2004

Species: holgeri SANDER, MATEUS, LAVEN & KNOTSCHKE, 2006
Etymology: In honor of Holger Lüdtke, who discovered the first bones.

Holotype: DFMMh/FV 291

Locality: Langenberg Quarry, a working quarry of the "Rohstoffbetriebe Oker GmbH and Co." for cement and road gravel, southern slope of the Langenberg, 5 km east of Goslar near the Harz Mountians, Oker, near Goslar, Lower Saschen (Saxony) State, Germany.

Horizon: Langenberg Formation.


Age: Middle Kimmeridgian Stage, Middle Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Disarticulated left premaxilla, right maxilla, right quadratojugal, occipital region, left laterosphenoid-orbitosphenoid complex, right surangular, right angular, left dentary, teeth, cervical and sacral vertebrae, and cervical and dorsal ribs.

Referred material:

650 skull and skeletal elements.

Note: Dwarf sauropod.

Note: Several bones have bit marks possibly made by the atoposaurid Theriosuchus.