Genus: Fukuititan AZUMA & SHIBATA, 2010
Etymology: Refers to the Fukui Prefectural of Japan where the specimen was found and Greek, Titan, a mythical giant.

Species: nipponensis AZUMA & SHIBATA, 2010
Etymology: The specific name refers to Japan.
= Titanosauridae incertae sedis SHIBATA, & AZUMA, 2010

Holotype: FPDM-V8468

Locality: 7 meters above Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus, Kitadani Locality (Dinosaur Quarry), on the Sugiyama River, northern part of the city of Katsuyama, 36°7’N, 136°33’E, Fukui Prefecture, Honshu Island, Japan.

Horizon: Kitadani Formation, Akaiwa Subgroup, Tetori Group.


Age: Barremian stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Associated skeleton found in one small area.

Breakdown as follows;

FPDM-V8468-1, -2, -3: 3 teeth.

FPDM-V8468-4, -5: 2 partial cervical neural arches.

FPDM-V846806, -7, -8: 3 distal caudal vertebrae.

FPDM-V8468-9: A partial proximal end of the left scapula.

FPDM-V8468-10, -11: Both humeri.

FPDM-V8468-12, -13: 2 nearly complete radii.

FPDM-V8468-14: A right metacarpal.

FPDM-V8468-15, -16: Both ischia.

FPDM-V8468-17: A partial right femur.

FPDM-V8468-18: A partial right tibia.

FPDM-V8468-19: A complete left fibula.

FPDM-V8468-20: A pedal phalanx.

And other bone fragments.