Genus: Fulengia CARROLL & GALTON, 1977
Etymology: An anagram for Lufeng, the region of Yunnan Province, China.

Species: youngi CARROLL & GALTON, 1977
Etymology: In honor of C. C. Young.

Holotype: CUP 2037 (Catholic University of Peking, now housed in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Collected by Fr. E. Oehler, SVD in 1948 or 1949: part of a rich fauna of therapsids and archosaurs)

Locality: Ta Ti, Lufeng Basin, near K'un-ming, Yunnan Province, China.

Horizon: Dark Red Beds, Lower Lufeng series.


Age: Late Triassic or Early Jurassic.

Material: Nearly complete skull and lower jaw.

Referred material:

= Lufengosaurus huenei EVANS & MILER, 1989

CUP 2038a: A jumble of bone fragments, amongst which only a vertebra and a hyoid element (?ceratobranchial) can be identified with any assurance.

CUP 2038b: A quadrate, a possible exoccipital, maxillary fragments, and the dentaries of two different-sized individuals.