Genus: Galveosaurus SANCHEZ-HERANDEZ, 2005
Etymology: In reference to Galve, close to where the specimen was found (Teruel Province, Spain); Greek, sauros, "lizard"; Galve lizard.

Species: herreroi SANCHEZ-HERANDEZ, 2005
Etymology: In honor of Herrero, who found the specimen.
= Sauropoda Nova BARCO, 1999
= Galvesaurus herreroi BARCO, CANUDO, CUENCA-BESCOS & RUIZ-OMENACA, 2005
Note: There is a question of ethical conduct and whether or not the above author had access to the specimen.

Holotype: MPG CLH 16

Locality: Cuesta Lonsal Fossil site, close to Galve, Teruel Province, Spain.

Horizon: Villar del Arzobispo Formation.


Age: Late Kimmeridgian-Ealry Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic

Material: Doral vertebra


CL-2, GAL00/CL/48, CL (CBC) 15-4, MPZ-2003/884: 4 cervical vertebrae.

GAL00/CL/60, GAL0/CL/181: 2 cervical ribs.

CL-JMH, GAL00/CL/86, GAL00/CL/62: 3 dorsal spines.

GAL01/CL/90: A sacrum.

MPG CLH-5, GAL01/CL/102: 2 dorsal ribs.

MPG CLH-22: A dorsal rib frgment.

MPG CLH-8, CLH-15, GAL00/CL/35: 4 caudal vertebrae.

MPG CLH (CBC)-13: 2 caudal vertebrae fused with a Y-shaped chevron.
Note: Camarasauridae indet (PEREZ-ONATE et al, 1994)

MPG CLH (CBC)-31: A haemal arch fused to the caudal vertebrae.

MPG CLH-14: Right scapula.

MPG CLH-1: Right humerus.

MPG CLH-4: Left humerus.

MPG CLH-6: RIght ischium.

MPG CLH-7: Sternal plate.

CL-CBC-908: Fragment of right coracoid.

GAL01/CL/150: Fragment of right pubis.

Referred material:?

MPG CLH2: Right scapula.

MPG CLH3: Cervical vertebra.

MPG CLH5: Dorsal vertebra.

MPG CLH8, 11, 12, 14, 15: 5 Caudal vertebrae.

MPG CLH9, 10, 16: Rib fragments.