Genus: Gyposaurus BROOM, 1911
Etymology: Greek, typ- (gyps), "vulture" and Greek, sauros, "lizard": “Vulture lizard”.
= Gryposaurus HUENE, 1911 (sic)

Species: capensis BROOM, 1911
Etymology: In reference to the Cape Province, South Africa.
= Hortalotarsus skirtopodus BROOM, 1906 non SEELEY, 1894
= Anchisaurus capensis (BROOM, 1911) GALTON & CLUVER, 1976
= Gryposaurus capensis HUENE, 1911 (sic)

Holotype: SAM 990

Locality: Ladybrand Townlands, Ladybrand, 29'12"S, 27'57"E, Free (Orange Free) State, South Africa.

Horizon: Clarens Formation, Stormberg Series.


Age: ?Hettangian-Lower Sinemurian Stage, Lower Lias Epoch, Early Jurassic.

Material: 11 dorsal and 6 caudal vertebrae, a few ribs and some abdominal ribs, fragmentary right scapula, fragmentary ilia, right pubis and ischium, right femur and fibula, the tarsus and right pes.

Referred material:

HUENE, 1932

Locality: South Africa.



Age: Late Triassic.


Number: Not given: Dorsal vertebrae.