Genus: Klamelisaurus ZHAO, 1993
Etymology:"klameli" in reference to the fossil locality near the Kelameilishan Mountains, China.

Species: gobiensis ZHAO, 1993
Etymology: In reference to the Gobi Desert.

Holotype: IVPP V9492

Locality: Xinjian, 35 km N of Jiangjunmiao, Kelameilishan Mountains, eastern Junggar basin, China.

Horizon: Wucaiwan Formation.


Age: Middle Jurassic.

Material: Complete skeleton; fragmentary teeth, vertebral column lacking anterior [7?] cervicals and a portion of the posterior caudals, ribs, right scapula and coracoid, right humerus, ulna, radius, phalanges, pelvic girdle, femur, tibia, fibula, and astragalus.