Genus: Laplatasaurus HUENE, 1929
= Laplatasaurus HUENE, 1927 (nomen nudum)
Etymology: In reference to La Plata, Argentina, and Greek, sauros, "lizard": “La Plata lizard”.
= Laplatosaurus OBATA & KAINE, 1977 (sic)

Species: araukanicus HUENE, 1929
= Titanosaurus araukanikus BONAPARTE, 1996 (sic)
= Titanosaurus araukanicus (HUENE, 1929) POWELL, 1986

Lectotype: CS 1127, CS 1128

Locality: Approxmately 3 km west from the city of Cinco Saltos, next to the INDUPA (Patagonic Industries) Quarry, General Roca Department, Rio Negro Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Anacleto Member, Rio Colorado Formation.
Note: Misinterpreted as the Lower Allen Formation as per HEREDIA & SALGADO, 1999.


Age: Coloradoan Tetrapoda Assemblage, Santonian-Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


MLP-CS 1128: Right tibia.

MLP-CS1127: Right fibula.

Note: GALLINA, & OTERO, 2016 only refer the lectotypes to Laplatasaurus, all other referred material belong to indeterminate sauropods (Lithostratia indet, Bonitasaura sp, and Titanosauridae indet.)