Genus: Leonerasaurus POL, GARRIDO & CERDA, 2011
Etymology: Leoneras, in reference to the lithostratigraphic unit where this taxon was found, and Latinized Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: taquetrensis POL, GARRIDO & CERDA, 2011
Etymology: In reference to the Sierras de Taquetren, where Las Leoneras Formation crops out in Central Patagonia.

Holotype: MPEF-PV 1663

Locality: Canadon Las Leoneras, South of Canadon del Zaino (both of which are affluent of the left margin of the Chubut River), southeast of Sierra de Taqueteren, Chubut Province, Central Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Las Leoneras Formation.


Age: Late Triassic?-Early Jurassic.

Material: Anterior region of the right dentary and isolated teeth, articulated series of cervical and anterior dorsal vertebrae, partially articulated posterior dorsal vertebrae, and articulated sacrum (preserved in natural contact with both ilia), right scapula and humerus, left and right ilia, right ischium, partially preserved femur, articulated metatarsal I and II and pedal ungual.