Genus: Macrocollum MÜLLER, LANGER, & DIAS-DA-SILVA, 2018
Etymology: Greek, macro, "long" and Latin, collum,"neck. "

Species: itaquii MÜLLER, LANGER, & DIAS-DA-SILVA, 2018
Etymology: In honr of Mr Jose Jerundino Machado Itaqui, one of the main actors behind the creation of CAPPA/UFSM.

Holotype: CAPPA/UFSM 0001a

Locality: Wachholz site, Agudo, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

Horizon: Upper portion of the Candelaria Sequence.


Age: Norian Substage, Early Norian Epoch, Middle Late Triassic Epoch.

Material: An almost complete and articulated skeleton.


CAPPA/UFSM 0001b: An almost complete and partially articulated skeleton.

CAPPA/UFSM 0001c: An articulated skeleton lacking skull and cervical series.

Referred material:

MÜLLER, 2019

CAPPA/UFSM 0001d: A partial skull found in close association with the holotype and paratypes.