Genus: Meroktenos de FABRTEGUES, & ALLAIN, 2016
Etymology: Greek, meros, "femur" and Greek, ktenos, "animal, beast": because the species was first described based on the femur.

Species: thabanensis GAUFFRE, 1993
Etymology: From Thaban which means mountain in local language Lesotho.

Holotype: MNHN LES-16a-d

Locality: The Thabana-Morena Mountain, 15 km east-south to Mafeteng, Lesotho, Southern Africa.

Horizon: Upper Elliot Formation.


Age: Hettangian-Lower Sinemurian Stage, Lower Lias Epoch, Early Jurassic.


MNHN LES-16a: Incomplete right ilum with a dorsal? neural arch ablated to the acetabulum.

MNHN LES-16b: Left pubis.

MNHN LES-16c: Right femur.

MNHN LES-16d: Right metatarsal.

Referred material:

MNHN.F.LES351a: Cervical vertebra.

MNHN.F.LES351b: Left ulna.

MNHN.F.LES351c: Left? radius.