Genus: Nambalia NOVAS, EZCURRA, CHATTERJEE & KUTTY, 2011 (for 2010)
Etymology: In reference to the Indian town of Nambal, Andhra Pradesh State, central India, which is located close to where the holotype specimen was found.

Species: roychowdhurii NOVAS, EZCURRA, CHATTERJEE & KUTTY, 2011 (for 2010)
Etymology: In honor of D. Roy Chowdhuri, for his outstanding research on the Triassic vertebrate faunas of India.

Holotype: Part of ISI R273 (ISI R273/1, /2, /3)

Locality: North of Nambal Village, 79°27'E, 19°16'N, Pranhita-Godavari Basin, Andhra Pradesh State, central India.

Horizon: Upper Maleri Formation.


Age: Norian Substage, Early Norian Epoch, Middle Late Triassic Epoch-Rhaetian Stage, Uppermost Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.


ISI R273/1: Right ilium.

ISI R273/2: Left femur.

ISI R273/3: Distal half of the left tibia and fibula with articulated astragalus and calcaneum.


ISI R 273/19-27: 10 caudal vertebrae.

ISI R273/28: Proximal right pubis.

ISI R273/29: Right ischium.

ISI R273/5/1, ISI R273/6/2, ISI R273/7/2-4, ISI R273/13/2: 273/9: Probable metacarpals I and II, and complete right manual digits I, II and III.

ISI R273/4: Left astragalus lacking medial end, left metatarsals I-V with articulated and complete pedal digit I and V.

ISI R273/5/2, ISI R273/6/2, ISI R 273/13: First phalanx of digit II and all the non-unguals phalanes of digit.

ISI R273/12/1, ISI R273/13/1: Right metatarpals I and II.

ISI R273/7/5: Probable manual ungual of digit I.

ISI R273/14/2: Left manual phalanx I-II.

ISI R273/12/2: Right manual phalanx I-II.

ISI R273/12/3: Right manual phalanges 3-III.

ISI R273/11/3: Right manual phalanges 4-III.

ISI R273/10: Left astragalus.

ISI R273/14/1: Pedal phalanges 1-I.

ISI R273/13/3: Pedal phalange 1-III.

ISI R273/13/4: Pedal phalange 4-III.

ISI R273/14/3: Pedal phalange 2-IV.