Genus: Nicksaurus MALKANI, 2021b
Etymology: In honor of the British Journalist Nicholas/Nick Allen who helped for preservation of dinosaur footprints from Pakistan, Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: razashahi MALKANI, 2021b
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Raza Shah of Geological Survey of Pakistan.

Holotype: GSP/MSM-138-4n (see material for complete breakdown)

Locality: North Kinwa 4 or 4n, Vitakri Dome area, Barkhan, Balochistan Province, Pakistan.

Horizon: Vitakri Formation, Fort Munro Group.


Age: Latest Maastrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian Subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Jaw ramus articulated with 6 teeth.

Breakdown as follows:

GSP/MSM-315-4n, GSP/MSM-314-4n: Cranial materials and teeth fragments in matrix.

GSP/MSM-381-4n to GSP/MSM-383-4n: Cervical vertebrae.

GSP/MSM-212-4n: Cervical/dorsal vertebra.

GSP/MSM-347-4n, GSP/MSM-377-4n, GSP/MSM-37904n, GSP/MSM-438-4n: Humerus parts.

GSP/MSM-344-4n: Proximal radius.

GSP/MSM-1096-4n: Spongy proximal pubis with glenoid surface.

GSP/MSM-190-4n: Left femur.

GSP/MSM-192-4n: Right distal femur.

GSP/MSM-378-4n, GSP/MSM-270-4n: Right femur sections.

GSP/MSM-346-4n, GSP/MSM-345-4n: Left and right distal tibiae.