Genus: Pellegrinisaurus SALGADO, 1997
Etymology: In reference to lake Pellegrini, General Roca Department, northwestern Rio Negro Province, Argentina, the locality where the holotype was found, Greek, sauros, "lizard": Lake Pellegrini lizard.

Species: powelli SALGADO, 1997
Etymology: In honor of Jaime E. Powell, in recognition to his work on titanosaurids.
= Epachthosaurus sp

Holotype: MPCA 1500

Locality: Lake Pellegrini, quarry known as the ‘Pala Mecanica”, General Roca Department, northwestern Rio Negro Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Rio Colorado Formation, Neuquen Group.


Age: Coloradoan Tetrapoda Assemblage, Santonian-Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.
Note: Misinterpreted as the Lower member of the Allen Formation, Malargue Group, Campanian to lower Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous, as per HEREDIA & SALGADO, 1999.

Material: 4 dorsal vertebral centra, 26 incomplete caudals and an incomplete right femur.